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Date : 15-05-30 16:31
i-SENS May Briefing - IoT Platform for Smart Connected Products
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IoT Platform for Smart Connected Products

(May 19th, 2015)  Realizing the Internet of Things (IoT) with smart device platform. The Internet of Things is the networking and applications’ concept of connecting everything to the Internet. Companies who participated introduced their convergent device cases under three categories, “Smart,” “Platform,” and “Connectivity”. The article mentions many companies like Samsung electronics, LG electronics, and i-SENS that actually use electronic devices with IoT technology. The article emphasize that it is not the future but it is now a reality. i-SENS’ NFC, Bluetooth, or even 3G-enabled device can send data to a server in a real time so that people with diabetes can manage their glucose data efficiently and effectively. 


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