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Date : 15-07-30 16:47
i-SENS July Briefing - Agreement with Korean Open Doctors Society!
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i-SENS briefings is the news from the perspective of both in the home country and abroad

1. Agreement with Korean Open Doctors Society!

(July 1st, 2015) Global biosensor company, i-SENS, made an agreement with Korean Open Doctors Society on June 29th. From this agreement, i-SENS will support blood glucose monitoring meters and strips sustainably and care people who need medical support all over the world. These donations will be used in medical service activities.

Through our business and our work with others, i-SENS will take a step forward and create healthier global communities by investing in creative ideas for people with diabetes.  

2. Opens up i-SENS India Pvt.Ltd and i-SENS Chile, SpA


(July 30th, 2015)  Through establishing incorporation in India and Chile, i-SENS accelerates inroads into the global market. i-SENS is currently driven largely by exports and expects to broaden the market for Southwest Asia and South America.  With localization policy, i-SENS will keep in touch with their people and learn the culture there to develop sales that are appropriate for their local markets.


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